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Formulator Overview and Features

Quick - Efficient - Effective - Powerful - Affordable. That's CropProTec Formulator!

The CropProTec Formulator system was adapted specifically for the crop protection formulator business. It provides a comprehensive alternative to the often used “canned” software products written for the broadest possible market.

CropProTec Formulator uses a proven core of standard accounting functions. Then it adds easy to use modules built specifically to simplify the complex world of a crop protection formulator. It addresses issues surrounding the process of formulating products, especially with regard to inventory control and maintenance for the inputs to the process as well as the formulated products.

Our integrated approach gives you the keys to your past and allows for the creation of reports that help plot your future. CropProTec also gives you a roadmap to all its databases which means you can write, or have written for you, custom reports at any time; even if you are no longer using CropProTec.

CropProTec Formulator provides easy transaction control, handling inventory, product requirements, purchasing, sales orders, shipping and formulating with ease. It provides for accounts receivable master accounts, unlimited authorized ship-to’s, regulatory compliance (shipping manifests, SARA facility reports), etc.

All this while maintaining a pipeline of data that:

  • Anticipates product needs;
  • Tracks product flow even through a branch system;
  • Gives real-time A/R and Inventory;
  • Helps manage cash flow and credit;
  • More features

We encourage you to call at your convenience for a CropProTec Formulator demonstration and for a list of our bosses… the users of CropProTec.

CropProTec Formulator


User Comments

"It is truly a joy to prepare the statements nowadays as we can print and mail in less than two hours (versus the two days it took with the old system). I just finished reviewing the outstanding variety of reports and am so thankful we made the change". - Mark Pierce, North Valley Ag Services

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