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Quick - Efficient - Effective - Powerful - Affordable. That’s CropProTec Retailer!

The CropProTec Retailer system was written exclusively for the crop protection retailer business. It provides a comprehensive alternative to the often used “canned” software products written for the broadest possible market. It also provides a solution that is not dependent on business volumes done with a supplier or that is based on mid-west marketplace practices.

CropProTec Retailer uses a proven core of standard accounting functions. Then it adds easy to use modules built specifically to simplify the complex world of a crop protection retailer. It integrates popular internet based and stand alone, industry specific, software such as Agrian’s recommendation writing system to eliminate the need for double-entry of data. Additionally, by doing this, and by design, CropProTec becomes the storage location of all data generated by your company through either CropProTec or the integrated systems. 

Our integrated approach gives you the keys to your past and allows for the creation of reports that help plot your future. This provides a huge advantage as you no longer have to worry about losing historical data when changing from one external industry specific software system to another. More importantly, CropProTec gives you a roadmap to all its databases which means you can write, or have written for you, custom reports at any time; even if you are no longer using CropProTec. 

A simple key stroke or two moves transactions from one sub-system to another (i.e. from recommendations to sales orders to shipping) while verifying credit limits; authorized ship to points; special shipping instructions; sales tax schemes even to a city level; regulatory compliance (shipping manifests, SARA)… etc. All this while maintaining a pipeline of data that:

  • Anticipates product needs;
  • Tracks product flow even through a branch system;
  • Gives real-time A/R and Inventory;
  • Helps manage cash flow and credit;
  • Extracts EDI reporting data;
  • Calculates and reports tax liabilities;
  • More features

We encourage you to call (559) 434-3245 at your convenience for a CropProTec Retailer demonstration and for a list of our bosses… the users of CropProTec.

CropProTec Retailer


User Comments

"Thanks for all the help you give us I know you have gone out of the way to give such quick response and we really appreciate it!” - Tom Foster, Vice-President, Foster-Gardner Inc

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