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Applicator Overview and Features

Quick … Efficient … Effective … Powerful … Cost effective.

CropProTec Applicator provides a comprehensive alternative to a group of outdated, and mostly unsupported, systems in wide use in the agricultural application community.

It provides the capability for applicators to process the job data beginning with the job originator and ending with the customer’s invoice in a very efficient way. This is implemented in a way that minimizes the need for repetitive data entry at each step of the process.

We used the proven core standard accounting functionality of our CropProTec Retailer and Formulator systems as the foundation of the new system. Then we added applicator specific modules to create Applicator. Users of this system can benefit from the proven utility of the standard systems while enjoying all the new applicator specific functionality.

Our concept is simple. We linked Applicator to the comprehensive Agrian system where Recommendations lead to Work Orders lead to Use Reports. Completion of the Use Report in Agrian makes the use report data available for Applicator to import using built in routine automatic polling of the Agrian site.

Data thus imported from Agrian is recorded in Applicator job files. From these job files it is a simple matter to link crew members to the jobs and then transfer everything necessary for the Applicator’s invoicing routine by using a simple keystroke (or mouse click) or two.

Completed invoices become part of the master CropProTec accounting system where all the tools to manage the information are available. 

We encourage you to further review all the functionality of the core features as well as the additional functionality of the Applicator features at your convenience.


CropProTec Applicator


User Comments

"(our customers) LOVE the accuracy forced by the Agrian system … (which) has saved them some costly errors.” - Reid Potter, Manager, Lakeland Dusters-Aviation, Inc.

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