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Special Offers

Our suite of programs for the Crop Protection industry introduces many new features you have not seen in other programs. While these features revolve around making things easier for your staff to learn and use, we recognize that we are the “new kids on the block” and that our 80 plus collective years of working with systems and procedures may not be enough by itself to entice you to consider our software. So we are going to try and make the choice easier for you

In a nutshell…. If you adopt one of our CropProTec systems, and you prepay the first year’s annual maintenance fee, we will waive our licensing fee and install the system, and train you to use it at your site, for only our hard out-of-pocket costs. We are not offering some scaled down version of our software – you get every feature we have to offer now and in the future for a simple annual maintenance fee.

For Retailers and Formulators, there is a small additional fee for access to our turnkey database of products indexed for hazmat and SARA reporting.

And finally, we can offer a reasonable hourly rate for us to assist you in migrating your existing system to our system. 

In the future, we expect to offer our systems for a licensing fee somewhere north of $20,000 plus the annual maintenance fee. However, for those who take advantage of our current offer, the annual maintenance fee entitles you to all our current and new features forever.

So contact us today and let us show you how our CropProTec software can help you save money and make money.

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