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CropProTec Retailer
Retailer was written solely for the crop protection retail business. It provides a superb alternative to broad market canned packages. It is not a marketing tool but rather maintains your independence from other providers whose primary business is not software.
CropProTec Formulator
Formulator builds on the proven Retailer system adding production inventory control including bill of materials, labor and overhead handling in easy to manipulate modules.
CropProTec Applicator
Applicator provides a unique alternative to the outdated, even unsupported, systems in wide use today.

Applicator's integration with Agrian provides a remarkably efficient link from jobs to grower billing

We build software that makes complex issues simple - that's what our suite of operational software for crop protection related businesses is all about.
Great software prunes away the inefficiencies that keep your people from getting things done right on the first try.  Software chaos is the breeding ground of lost sales, dead inventory, bad pricing, bad-debt write-offs, overstaffing and virtually any other operational inefficiency you can imagine.
Great software helps simplify procedures and frees up staff time for the real job of catching mistakes before they happen.  One mistake can easily consume tremendous amounts of staff time.  The more consistent and simple your procedures, the less staff you need to implement them. And just imagine what your existing staff could accomplish if mistakes were significantly reduced. 
Great software should recognize your industry’s business practices, should not complicate your operations nor be hard to implement nor overly expensive. We, like you, hear horrible software implementation stories all the time, especially where people try to adjust their business practices to fit a software package. At SASS, we create systems modeled on our user’s business and our guiding policy is simple … if our “shoe” doesn’t fit your business we’ll be the first to tell you because if you can’t win we can’t win.
Finally, great software like ours may sound too good to be true.  We can't help that, but we can demonstrate our package for you and arrange for you to talk to the people who are really in charge, the users of our systems. That way, you can judge for yourself. Call us today at 559-434-3245 or to request information, click here.

SASS Development, LLC
Software that makes complex simple!


“I think a major selling point is your fast reaction to our difficulties.  The thing is nearly bullet-proof...that really impresses me. I also like the fact that the users have so much input as to the next area for development and refinement.” - Mark Pierce, Manager, North Valley AgServices

User Comment

"Thanks for all the help you give us I know you have gone out of the way to give such quick response and we really appreciate it!” - Tom Foster, Vice-President, Foster-Gardner Inc



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