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Why Choose CropProTec Software Solutions?
Here are some reasons:
  • Compete with larger organization that have large IT budgets;
  • Benefit from an industry designed software system where improvements are driven directly based on user’s needs;
  • Use an inexpensive system that can be used for: formulation, application, trucking, retail sales, distribution, multi-sites, accounting, sales order (back orders), Agrian recommendation writing and county permit info integration, credit management, management overview of cash flow/sales data, regulatory reporting, reporting of sales and fertilizer taxes, EDI reporting, freight billing, maintained product database with shipping manifest information and many more features;
  • Grow without adding staffing;
  • Free up costly staff time for use in other areas of the operation;
  • Reduce overhead with a powerful, easy to use and operationally efficient software;
  • Avoid the expense of upgrading their existing software or re-writing custom programming modifications to accommodate a new software version;
  • Benefit from a software licensing scheme that makes all features available for one price;
  • Improve operational efficiency and meet requirements with regularly released updates and new features throughout the year;
  • Estimate and track program rebates, ascertain if manufactures are paying the right amount, allocate these monies to the monthly financials, and especially allocate them to the line item sales detail (to better understand a customer’s true profitability);
  • Have access to great equipment tracking features;
  • Use a system that is fast and maintains historical information indefinitely;
  • Track “offsite” inventory with ease;
  • Manage cash flow, A/R and inventory;
  • Benefit from team of dedicated software professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in the agricultural industry.
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